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The aim of our project is to promote healthy lifestyle and cultural heritage of different European regions among teenagers. Nowadays, youngsters forget about active ways of spending free time in the open and have bad eating habits like consuming caloric, unhealthy food and they are not aware of the their ancestors' culture. Our heritage is our nature and regional cuisine with its traditional dishes based on ecological food. We would like to promote its nutritious and cultural wealth in local region and in partner countries especially among teenagers. We also want to concentrate on promoting pro ecological tourism linked with active ways of spending free time in harmony with nature connected with sightseeing, rediscovering cultural heritage of our ancestors. We will take into consideration promoting and cultivating the cultural heritage of our local regions and preserving their natural beauty will be important for us. European youngsters have to be aware of dangers and the depreciation of moral values caused by today's consuming society and they have to be responsible for natural and cultural heritage. We will arrange visits to the historical places and museums to rediscover our ancestors culture. We will follow the traces of our ancestors and find out about their effects on people in local area and Europe. We will care about promoting and cultivating the cultural heritage of our local region and we will not forget preserving its natural beauty. We will develop young people's respect, tolerance and open minds towards other countries through finding common values to make them active citizens who are aware of their rights and duties towards their own countries and Europe as the one community.