Celebration of the Swiętokrzyskie Christmas Eve Traditions in Commune's Cultural Centre.

As part of the Comenius project The Wealth of Health, Taste and Culture, students of Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Słupia (Poland) prepared a presentation of Christmas dishes in the Commune’s Cultural Centre in Rudki with the guidance of teachers, Małgorzata Pastuszka and Justyna Cieślik. The event took place on Sunday evening, the 18th of Dec 2011, with the attendance of local community and authorities. Our culinary presentation was just a part of the Świętokrzyskie Christmas Traditions organized by our local Cultural Centre.
Students prepared Christmas meals in the school’s gastronomy workshop according to the traditional recipes drawn from their family houses. Our students presented not only regional dishes and the importance of Christmas in folk rituals but also drew attention to the symbolism of the products on the Christmas Eve table. Among the dishes were different meatless meals such as mushroom soup, red borsch with dumplings, dumplings with mushrooms and sauerkraut, rye bread, dried fruit compote served with dried beans, cabbage with peas, herrings, noodles with poppy seeds, poppy seed rolls, or the traditional Christmas wafer.

Cooperation with our local cultural institution and active participation in this event was for our students a great lesson of cherishing Christmas Eve traditions. They had the opportunity to present their culinary skills acquired in catering workshops in the Complex of Schools No. 8 in Nowa Słupia.

Polish Christmas Eve Pierogi with mushrooms
Presentation of Christmas Culinary Traditions prepared by student of Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Słupia

The Christmas Eve table with its traditional dishes


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Food tasting by our local experts.