Lifestyle of Polish teenagers

The survey „ What about your lifestyle” was conducted among 53 teenagers of Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Slupia in October 2011. 79% of respondent students were boys and only 21% girls. All of the respondent boys and girls live in the countryside. The survey was mostly focused on students who are 16 and 17 years old – they were almost 80% of all teenagers.
In most cases Polish teenagers live with their parents and siblings (63% of responded students) whereas only 8% live with their grandparents or other members of family. More than a half of all responded teenagers eat three meals in regular hours. Almost three quarters of teenagers eat breakfast at home, 17% at school and only 9% don’t have it all. Asked if they have lunch, 74% of responded students replied “yes” whereas only a quarter has it sometimes or never.
Most of them prefer homemade food, fruit & vegetables as well as meat, fish or dairy products whereas only 10% of students prefer fast food or sweets. To conclude they have rather healthy eating habits and they admire fresh food especially homemade. Their favourite drinks are mostly tea or water, but still some of them are in fond of unhealthy fizzy drinks (21% of responded students) or even beer and in some cases stronger alcohol.
A half of responded students drink 1,5-2,5 liter per day of tea or other soft drinks as well as the rest more or less due to their personal needs.
In almost three quarters of homes meals prepares mother only in some cases students do it by themselves or does it father or other member of their family.
As far as free time activities are concerned, a half of responded students prefer listening or playing music, 11% dancing or other activities, whereas only 3% of students are involved in a community service.
80% of students enjoy doing sport activities. Asked about music they replied they are in favour of pop, rock or techno music. A significant minority is fond of folk or classical music. Almost 80% of responded teenagers of Complex of School No 8 don’t play any musical instruments, only some of them play keyboard or string instruments.
As far as reading is concerned they prefer horrors, crimes, science fiction or even scientific books whereas definitely less of them prefer poems, adventures or history books.
Almost 90 % of responded Polish teenagers love travelling which is of course connected with sightseeing and rediscovering of ancestors past.
The teenagers also prefer spending time in front of their TV or computer screens. Almost 70% of responded students “watch the screens” 2 or more than 2 hours per day unfortunately only some of them less than that.
If they look for information they mostly use the Net or watch TV or listen to the radio, less of them read books or newspapers or ask friends.
More than a half of Polish teenagers spend time in the open for more than 2 hours. The rest of them one hour or less than that. If they spend time in the open they do it in an active way, that’s what 80 % of responded students replied, so we assume they do sports, or just walk or help their parent in agriculture.
More than 80% of responded teenagers replied they visit the doctor when it is necessary, the rest replied they do it only once or twice a year.
The similar situation is with the dentist, a half of them go once a year or every half a year whereas only 20% of them more often.
Almost three quarters of students don’t smoke at all, the rest admitted they do it regularly or occasionally. The similar situation is with alcohol, three quarters of students replied they don’t drink alcohol at all, whereas some of our teenagers unfortunately do it.
Most of the teenagers , 53%, sleep regular hours from 7 to 8 hours per night.
If they are stressed, a half of our students replied they listen to the music, 17% turn to friends, 14% do sports, the rest prefer other activities like staying alone, sleeping or playing musical instruments.
In difficult situations 38% students solve problems on their own, 25% turn to friends as well as 20% rely on parents (mostly mother).
As far as outfit is concerned Polish teenagers prefer casual clothes (that’s 28% of the total), 30% has got its own original style whereas the minority prefers sportswear, brand or fashionable clothes.

1. As far as Polish students prefer doing sport activities, the aim of our tasks will be to promote outdoor and indoor sport disciplines to come up with our students’ expectations and to develop their physical skills, strength and fitness which is also relevant to our project’s objectives.
2. Due to the survey’s results, Polish students are in favour of travelling and active tourism like hiking connected with sightseeing and rediscovering of our ancestors past. Therefore, we will organize active ways of spending free time connected with educational parts of sightseeing and travelling.
3. Polish teens appreciate homemade food, therefore during gastronomy workshops we will apply regional cuisine prepared in a healthy way.
4. Due to the fact that they spend too much time in front of the TV and computer screens we will organize other active forms of activities to broaden our students’ interests, we will promote our local tourism among teens and their families.