From 23 - 27.04.2012 the Polish school called Zespół Szkół Nr 8 w Nowej Słupia organized the 3rd visit of the partner countries in the Comenius programme titled "The Wealth of Health, Taste and Culture". The third meeting was very important because partners from Poland, France, Spain, Turkey, Lithuania and Romania, made a summary and evaluation of the first year of the project.
The visit in Nowa Słupia was particularly attractive and rich in events. Students from partner countries under the guidance of teachers took part in a cookery workshop. On the first day of the visit our young guests with our students prepared "European" sandwiches and croissants. Gastronomy classes were also organized in the restaurant "U Jana" in Rudki.
Nowa Słupia and its surrounding area for many years is associated with the famous festival organised in August called Dymarki Świętokrzyskie, so we organized for our European partners the international event called "Dymareczki", which took place at the Culture and Archeology Centre in Nowa Słupia. Students built furnaces, listened to a lecture about ancient metallurgy, took part in educational workshops and brewed herbs. "Dymareczki" ended with a training for the świętokrzyskie witches and brigands around the campfire.
The Comenius project is focused on discovering cultural heritage of the country and the region. In order to fully achieve the objectives of the project, we took our partners in a variety of culturally and historically interesting places. On Tuesday, the students visited the monastery of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary on the Holy Cross Mountain, and learnt about the geological and natural heritage of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains in the modern, multimedia Museum of Holy Cross National Park.
On Wednesday, we showed them the capital of the Świętokrzyskie region - Kielce. Our guests admired the beauty of such places as the Bishops' Palace and the Basilica of Kielce. On the same day we took our partners to the Paradise Cave (inanimate nature reserve), we also visited castle ruins and the museums in Chęciny and Tokarnia. Very attractive for our guests was the fourth day of the visit, which began with a trip to Krzemionki Opatowskie, a mine from the Neolithic period. As we were close to Sandomierz, one of the most beautiful Polish cities, we took our guests for sightseeing the priceless monuments of Polish culture in the town centre, as Opatowska Gate, Town Hall, Castle, Collegium Gostomianum of the seventeenth century, Dlugosz House of the fifteenth century, the churches Jan Oleśnicki house, the Synagogue and other interesting objects. A special attraction of the day was the cruise on a boat called “Maria" on the Vistula River and the picturesque walk of Queen Jadwiga Ravine.
At the end of the visit in Poland we planned for students and teachers from our partner countries, two-hour trip to the Chelmowa Mountain and a concert as well as European youth workshops which were held in Cultural Center in Rudkach, during which students prepared spring decorations, watched performances of folk bands, and singers.
Next meeting will be in LITHUANIA!

3rd meeting of “The Wealth of Health, Taste and Culture” Comenius Project in Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Słupia, Poland.
Evaluation of the activities and results prepared during the first year of the project, beginning editorial work of the final products, exploration of the Świętokrzyskie region.
Aims of the meeting:
- summarizing and analyzing the results of activities from each country,
- editorial work (starting the edition of the book, collecting materials from partners),
- evaluation of the first year of the project,
- exploring the Świetokrzyskie region,
- practicing field games.

Sunday 22.04.2012

3.00 p.m
Collecting participants from Warsaw.

6.00 p.m Arrival in Nowa Słupia, picking up students by their host families, hotel (“U Jana”).
7.00 p.m Dinner for teachers at the hotel restaurant

Monday 23.04.2012

7.30 – 8.30 Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
8.45 Collecting teachers from the hotel.
9.00 Arrival of participants at Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Słupia.
9.30 Official welcoming at school by teachers and local authorities.
Presentation of skits prepared by the students of Complex of Schools No 8.
10.00 The Places Worth Visiting in the Świętokrzyskie Region – the lecture for teachers and students prepared by Piotr Sepioło.
11.30 Lunch at school for teachers and local authorities.
Culinary workshop for girls (preparing some regional dishes for spring season)
Evaluation of the first year of the Comenius project by teachers:
- Presentation of activities done in each country during the study visits in France and Spain.
- Presentation of activities done in other countries within their schools.
- Working on the evaluation questionnaire.
- Discussion on the final products.
Gymnastics for students, playing volleyball-boys.
13.00 Lunch at school, presentation of dishes prepared by students.
14.30 Visiting Nowa Słupia- a short walk around the village.
Working time for teachers:.
- Collecting and selecting all the materials prepared during the first year.
15.00 Presentation of regional cuisine by students and teachers of each country (PP presentation, films).
Selecting materials for final products.
16.00 Collecting students by their families.
16.30 Driving teachers to the hotel.
17.00 Dinner for teachers at the hotel restaurant.
Coordinating teachers : Anna Sepioło, Piotr Sepioło, Magdalena Romańska, Małgorzata Pastuszka, Grażyna Chamera, Aneta Góra, Justyna Cieślik

Tuesday 24.04.2012

7.30-8.30 Breakfast time at the hotel.
8.45 Driving teachers and students to the starting point of a hiking trip in Trzcianka (hired bus)
9.00 Starting the hiking trip to the Holy Cross Mountain. The nature trail in the Swiętokrzyski National Park, practicing trekking and learning about the wildlife attractions of the National Park . The Święty Krzyż (the Holy Cross) on Łysiec is a spiritual and historic place.
10.30 Relaxing time at the observing point at the top of the Holy Cross Mountain.
11.00 Visiting the Museum of the Świętokrzyski National Park.
12.30 Sightseeing the Sanctuary on the Holy Cross Mountain, the monument of the XV century.
13.30 Dinner for teachers and students at the monastery restaurant.
14.30 On the Royal trail (blue trail), walking back to Nowa Słupia.
15.30 Educational workshop for students at the Archeological and Cultural Centre in Nowa Słupia
- building of the ancient furnace.
- working time for school coordinators.
18.30 Bonfire for students, roasting Polish sausages, singing and chatting around the campfire.
19.00 Returning to the hotel.
Host families pick up their students from the Archeological Centre.

Dinner for teachers.

Coordinating teachers: Piotr Sepioło, Anna Sepioło, Justyna Cieślik, Aneta Góra, Ryszard Błędziński, Mirosława Mierzejewska

Wednesday 25.04.2012

7.30-8.00 Breakfast at the hotel.
8.15 Driving teachers and students to the Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Słupia.
8.30 Meeting with the Świętokrzyskie Tourist Guide.
9.00 Leaving for Chęciny.
10.30 Visiting Paradise Cave in Chęciny, inanimate nature reserve, discovered in 1964. The richest in Poland robe stalactites all forms of karsts.
12.00 Working time for school coordinators, discussing the final results and products.
13.30 Sightseeing ethnographic Park in Tokarnia.
Visiting the castle in Chęciny.
Sightseeing Kielce, the reserve of Kadzielnia, the walk in the park, the Palace of Cracow Bishops, the Kielce Basilica.
15.00 Dinner in Kielce Winnica restaurant for all participants.
16.00 Sightseeing Kielce- Kadzielnia Reserve, The Palace of Cracow Bishops, The Basilica, City Park.
18.00 Returning from Kielce.
19.00 Arrival in Nowa Słupia
- collecting students by their host families
- driving students to the hotel
20.00 Dinner for teachers.
Coordinating teachers: Piotr Sepioło, Anna Sepioło, Justyna Rybak, Magdalena Romańska

Thursday 26.04.2012

7.30-8.00 Breakfast at the hotel
8.30 Driving teachers and students to ZS nr 8 w Nowej Słupi
8.40 Visiting the reserve in Krzemionki Opatowskie, the only mine-shift of flint in Europe from the Neolithic period.
Working time for school coordinators, discussing the future study visits and final products.
11.15 The trip to Sandomierz.
12.15 The Opatów Gate.
13.00 The underground tourist track in Sandomierz.
14.00 Dinner for students and teachers at the “Flisak” reastaurant.
14.30 Sightseeing Sandomierz:
- Collegium Gostomianum XVIIw.
- The Długosz House XVw.
- Sandomierska Basilica XIV – XIXw.
- The revere of the Queen Jadwiga
15.30 Cruise on the Vistula river.
17.00 Short walk in the town- free time.
19.30 Coming back to Nowa Supia
- picking up students from the school in Nowa Słupia,
- teachers return to the hotel
20.00 Dinner for teachers.

Coordinating teachers: Piotr Sepioło, Anna Sepioło, Justyna Cieślik, Aneta Góra

Friday 27.04.2012

6.15-6.30 Leaving of French participants to Kielce.
7.40 Departure to Cracow by a hired bus.
7.30-8.30 Breakfast
8.45 Driving students to the hotel “U Jana” in Rudki.
9.00-12.00 Culinary workshop for students at the hotel restaurant –preparing Polish dishes, cheese dumplings, salads, pancakes, goulash soup and Spanish regional dish.
Working time for teachers, school coordinators on the project - 2 groups of teachers and students.

12.00 Lunch at the restaurant.
13.00 Hiking trip to Chełmowa Mountain in Rudki, .
16.00 Summary of the meeting in Cultural Commune Centre.
17.30 Picking up students from the Cultural Commune Centre in Rudki by the host families.
Teachers go back to the hotel.
18.00 Dinner at the restaurant in Rudki.

Coordinating teachers: Małgorzata Pastuszka, Grażyna Chamera, Magdalena Romąńska, Anna Sepioło, Piotr Sepioło

Saturday 28.04.2012

7.30 Breakfast.
8.00 Checking out from the hotel.
8.30 Leaving for Cracow-Spain.
Leaving for Warsaw- Turkey, Romania, Lithuania.

Students and teachers from Polish school hope you all enjoyed the visit.