On the 9th of January 2012, a group of Polish students from Complex of Schools No 8 in Nowa Słupia took part in a hiking trip to the Sanctuary on the Holy Cross Mountain, organized by the primary and secondary schools in Nowa Słupia. It was -10 degrees Centigrade, but youngsters had a lot of fun walking in the snow up to the top of the mount. There were 3 different hiking routes and students from 8 different schools were divided into teams. They all met at the Sanctuary of the Holy Cross Mount.
The hiking trip was organized to commemorate the January Uprising and to familiarize the young generation about the historical events that took place in 1863. It was a good history lesson in the open and a good example of active learning. Apart from doing sports activities in the school’s gym, we enjoy outdoor fun, walking in the mountains, even in the winter are excellent way of keeping fit and healthy.
Try it in your area, to experience the extreme hiking conditions.

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