Spain – Comunidad Valenciana – Riba Roja del Turia
18 -26 February 2012

All the partners arrived in several waves, Saturday and Sunday. Adults were accommodated in the hotel « La Muralletta » while students enjoyed hosting families.
For the other visits, it is again asked to participants, as much as possible, to arrive same day and same place, so as to facilitate the work of the hosting country.
(next visit : Poland from April 22 in Warsaw, to April 28 in Krakow).During meetings, we’ve checked everything forecasted was done.
As we are in constant touch thanks to the ICT, it is quite easy to see the progress of the project. However, it is really usefull adults and students can share time
together to discuss and compare their opinions.
We looked at the blog and on the website, disccus about if it was usefull to have both or not.
What have we already done :
Common website, http://watch.comenius.free.fr/?lang=en
Blog, https://watchcomenius.wikispaces.com/
Survey upon life styles, Morning gymnastics or sport activities,
Greeting cards,
Power Point about recipes of a healthy Christmas meals,
Posters about eating habits,
Cultural visits (to continue till April in each country)
As requested in France, each country came with 10 leaves linked to poestry, famous sentences, famous people… in English and own language. Students sticked them
on a tree painted on the wall.
Before electing the logo of the project, some rules were established :
- 2 logos by country
- 2 voices by country, 1 for adults, 1 for students
- it is impossible to vote for the logo of its country.
The winner is a Lithuanian one.
During the week, Spanish students presented us some PPs about the different places we have to discover in the region. The programm was very rich :


8’05 · Arrival at the IES.
8’15 · Hanging the leaves from each school in the tree of the hall.
· Spanish tudents presents their work about the visitor countries.
9’00 · Headmaster speech welcoming and brief musical performance.
9’55 ·Working time evaluation of the work.
13’00· Reception at the Twon Hall


8’05 working session : Visitors attend the projection of Valencia presented by the Spanish students
10’00· Visit of the la Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències
· Visit of the exterior of the Museum of “ Principe Felipe i l’Hemisfèric
· Entry at the Oceanogràfic


8’05 · Projection of a video made by the sutdent about the historical València and a PPoint.
10h0 València visit : Torres de Serrans, Catedral, Llotja i Mercat Central


8’05 . Projection of a video about “El Saler”
9’00 · Walk for the Saler, visit of a Barraca, ancient house of the farmers and fishermen, cruise on the river and observation of the birds


8’05 . Logo election and evaluation of the week
12’00 · Students Concert at l’Auditorium